Our goal, without exception, is to deliver the best possible result that our client can hope for at law, whether that be through mediation and negotiation, or through the court system.




Bankruptcy & Insolvency

We are well versed in matters of financial distress. We have acted for several national banks and multi-national corporations, in addition to many individuals and small businesses.


Civil & Commercial Litigation

We have extensive experience working for clients on both sides of civil and commercial lawsuits. We help break down large and complex matters simply, and work for the best resolution you can hope for.



A change in your family is never easy. We strive to help you understand how best to proceed. If you are looking for general information before proceeding, there are some great, free resources here.



Whether you've been charged with indictable or summary offences - we help you to understand all the options available to you under the circumstances, and the steps needed to be successful.


Navigating the legal system can be difficult.

We'll help you through it.


In litigation, thick fog, swift waters and unknown perils may seem to lurk at every turn. At Mosaico Law, we're familiar with the territory, and strive to keep our clients on safe ground. We listen carefully as you explain where you've come from and where you want to go. We light the path by exploring (and explaining) all available options thoroughly. Then we work hard with you to achieve the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

Above all, we want to help you arrive safe and sound on shore.  You can check out some of our recent experience here.


Our fees are kept in line with professional standards outlined by the Law Society of Alberta. This ensures you get the most value for our time. Typically we do not charge for an initial discussion. We ensure you understand our rates and fees before beginning any work.

Although we're in business to earn a living, we occasionally do work for the greater good, for no other reason than it's the right thing to do. As a member of the Edmonton Community Legal Centre (Alexander Mosaico was featured as a Volunteer-In-Profile on the PBLA website, which can be found here), if we're not able to help your cause, we likely know someone who can.